The Next Generation of Campus Security

ClearScholar Aware provides institutions with additional visibility into emergency calls made from the student-facing ClearScholar Engage mobile application through both a real-time, dispatch center dashboard and user-facing mobile application.

Emergency Dashboard Optimized for Dispatch Centers

Dispatch centers are empowered to make better decisions and are provided with a more visual representation of caller and officer locations, allowing for efficient assignments and better intelligence for dispatch.

Mass Notifications

Provides the ability to mass notify students, faculty & staff including home screen takeover.


Creates a digital paper trail for each case including logging of GPS coordinates.

Precise Location Mapping

Allows dispatch and field officers to see the precise location of the caller to allow for a streamlined response.

Dispatch Dashboard

Allows for dispatch to visually locate on-duty officers as well as the locations of emergency callers.

Security Officer App

An app that assists officers in the field 
with a photo and the specific location of the caller.

GPS-Powered Officer Assignment

The app powers a default assignment to the nearest security officer based on GPS proximity to the caller.