Leverage Data Science to Better Reach Your Students

Integrate data from disparate university systems in order to build unique student personas and deliver relevant content to engage students on a personal level.

Personalized Communication and Content Platform

This new technology ensures that content delivered within the ClearScholar mobile platform is aligned to the needs and preferences of each student or persona, allowing users to have a truly personalized mobile experience.

Persona Management

Create and manage countless user personas or groups for students, staff, and faculty, allowing tailored channels for specific content and communication

Data-driven Personas

Because university data drives 100% of persona traits, users' personas update in real time

Always on Time

Schedule, target & deliver relevant and timely content to students based on persona

Admin Self Service

No prior IT or Programming knowledge is needed to manage the Engage platform

On-Demand Content Targeting

Create and deliver a content item to one or more personas instantly

360º View of Your Users

Unite multiple traits such as GPA, class affiliation, and campus involvement to create unique personas and achieve a complete profile of your users