Jenni Burton
January 13, 2017

ClearScholar: Live For All Butler Students

In partnership with Butler University, we have officially deployed The Butler App to all students this week and are thrilled to see the early feedback and results of the full launch. The Bulter App will serve as a revolutionary student engagement platform for all students at Butler.

Our team has been working closely with Butler students, faculty and staff to ensure the feedback and lessons from the pilot student launch this fall were integrated into this version of The Butler App. So far, we are encouraged by the feedback from our time on campus during this exciting launch period.

Below are some of the statements students made as they experience The Butler App for the first time:

“I love that it has my classes on there because I never know what I need do. I login and it shows me exactly what I need to do.”

“My roommate downloaded and she is like obsessed with it.”

“Ohhhh, it has my advisor on here!”

“I love the flex dollars – I never knew before and it’s saving paper because I don’t have to ask for receipts.”

“Oh wow I love that it has my advisor – that’s really cool!”

“This is a great addition to Butler’s resources and certainly makes being a student more enjoyable in regards to organization and communication.”

Learn More about our Early Adopter Program

We are excited to expand to additional universities and are offering some great benefits to be a part of our Early Adopter program.