Chloe Morrical
July 10, 2017

Ensuring Your Students Have a Content Rich App Experience

Ensuring that your university app has relevant, recent, and engaging content is vital to the success and student utilization of the app. The great news is that the ClearScholar platform is designed to become content rich in only a few hours — quelling fears that there is a heavy lift needed to get started with a successful app content strategy.

Below are some of the key ways that quality content is driven by the ClearScholar platform and our Content Strategy team. 

Leveraging Existing Content

ClearScholar’s rich functionality and integrations make it easy to pull already existing content into your app. By leveraging RSS Feeds, campus news, social media accounts, and calendars, content can be automatically formatted and displayed in the student-facing app. Rather than needing to search websites and social media platforms, this previously siloed information is brought into one hub for students to easily view and access.

Driving App Specific Content

ClearScholar’s easy to use Admin Portal allows Admins to quickly create content in a matter of minutes. In this Admin Portal Video, all four content types (polls, events, announcements and push notifications) are created and posted in just four minutes. At a high level, ClearScholar provides a new, highly effective communication channel and opportunity for Admins to market their messages to students, alleviating the total time spent to get the content distributed and viewed by students.   

The robust permissioning that is offered through ClearScholar allows the pool of potential ClearScholar Admins to be opened up to include junior-level employees as well as student leaders. This permissioning can both require a secondary approval of content as well as limit the audience that an admin has access to post.

Ongoing Content Monitoring and Analysis

ClearScholar’s Content Strategy Team helps to monitor content – including timing, effectiveness, cadence, amount and more. By tracking all of the content and how the content affects app usage, the Content Strategy Team can provide recommendations to improve effectiveness. This feedback is delivered through automated reporting, including issuing a weekly ClearScore as well as analysis during regular, bi-weekly Content Strategy meetings.

The support of robust content is an important part of the overall strategic and tactical guidance that this team provides to ensure your app is wildly successful.