Chloe Morrical
July 6, 2017

An Early Key To Success: ClearScholar’s Content Strategy Team

ClearScholar believes that if university partners fully utilize the ClearScholar platform, the greatest impact on student success can be accomplished. Consequently, ClearScholar has a Content Strategy team who focuses on our institutional partners’ success, both during implementation and the ongoing use of the platform.  

Below are some key ways that the ClearScholar Content Strategy team supports our partner institutions during these phases:

Implementation Support

  • Project management of the entire implementation process.
  • Analyze existing institutional research and collaborate with the internal project team to make this research actionable through the ClearScholar platform.
  • Build out initial personas within the ClearScholar Align feature set.
  • Organizes and sets weekly meetings with key stakeholders including marketing, student affairs, IT and our internal product team.
  • Leverages N2N for data integrations, including pulling in existing institutional content into the platform.
  • Work with project team to identify additional sources of external curated content (i.e. – local relevant publications, institutional partner content, etc.).
  • Drive pre-launch training sessions through both group and one-on-one administrator training sessions.
  • Provide best practices, digital assets and execution assistance in the launching of the ClearScholar-powered app.

Ongoing Support

  • Monitor and report on key metrics of both administrator and student utilization of the ClearScholar-powered app.
  • Send a weekly email overviewing metrics and recommendations for improved app adoption, utilization and content.
  • Organizes and sets bi-weekly meetings with key stakeholders to ensure ongoing progress, identify additional integrations, receive product feedback, define new use cases and more.

In addition to the heavy lifting that is outlined above, ClearScholar also has a strong focus on product design and usability, which makes training and continued use of the platform easy and efficient. ClearScholar Admins only spend fifteen minutes a week on average posting new content and most posts only take two minutes to create. 

While having a healthy amount of admin-driven content is vital; the thoughtful integrations of existing content within the institution’s ecosystem allows for previously hidden or thrown away content to have a second life and new medium to connect with students through the app. The early focus on integrations ultimately decreases the lift needed by administrators to be the only source of content. In tandem, the redistribution of content that ClearScholar powers makes this previously created content even more valuable and have a greater total reach.  You can read more about how ClearScholar support quality content for your mobile app in this recent post. 

When you are a ClearScholar partner, you are never alone in executing a strong, student-focused mobile strategy. The robust functionality of the platform is easy to use and should never be intimidating, but rather empowering as it allows for targeted, personalized communications with students on their mobile phones. The Content Strategy team is dedicated and driven to our partner institutions success and will help and organized the program alongside internal project champions and leads.