Andy Shi
June 13, 2017

ClearScholar: A Year in The Making

May 25th, 2017 was a special day in ClearScholar history, we officially turned one! It has been a fun and amazing journey, we have been busy here creating the premier student safety and engagement platform and have accomplished some major milestones within the first year of our existence. As one of the first members of the ClearScholar team, I could not be more excited for where the next year will take us as we add more university partners, continue to rapidly evolve the product, and grow our amazing team.   

When we first began building the ClearScholar app in the summer of 2016, we created a beta version of the Butler App and introduced the app to approximately 100 student leaders on campus which we called the Butler Founding 100 Advisory Board. With their feedback and suggestions, we launched v1.0 in the fall and successfully launched the app to the entire student population in January for the Spring 2017 semester with amazing results. 94% students used the app month at least once a month and a whopping 74% accessed the app at least weekly! Recently, we introduced ClearScholar v2.0 which encompasses ClearScholar Aware, our campus security platform, and our content targeting feature set.

Butler, however, is just the beginning, over 60 institutions were interested in joining as Early Adopter Partners when we announced the Early Adopter program. We have now narrowed that down to fifteen finalists, and the final partners will be announced in the very near future. With that, we have launched initiatives such as our commitment to first generation students by making our platform free to those students.

ClearScholar has come a long way. We started in a small 4-person conference room, moved around a few times at High Alpha, and now we have our own space on the Circle in the Lacy Building. We have an awesome team of 13 which includes two Indy Tech Fellows and two Orr Fellows, and we are committed to bringing on at least thirty more product, engineer, and marketing superstars over the coming years.

The secret to our success? We never compromise on our culture and values. We consider students as the utmost priority and revolve our design process around their feedback. We take extraordinary initiative to shatter expectations, are curious lifelong learners, and our golden rule: we always do the right thing, celebrate like a family, constantly strive to learn more, and are humble enough to ask for assistance when necessary. I’ve loved being a part of the first-year at ClearScholar and am proud of what the team has accomplished. Onward and upward from here!