May 18, 2017

ClearScholar Launches Campus Security Platform

INDIANAPOLIS (May 18, 2017) – ClearScholar, a leading mobile student engagement platform, announced today the launch of its new ClearScholar Aware product, which enhances safety technology at higher education institutions. ClearScholar developed this technology with input and guidance from Butler University’s Police, Security, and Information Technology departments.

“The Aware product is a fantastic way for campus police departments to know immediately where a 911 caller is located. This allows police dispatch to get officers moving as quickly as possible to the aid of the caller,” said Eric Schmidt, Chief Security Officer at Butler University. “This technology also shows students and parents that the campus is working hard and leveraging technology for their safety.”

ClearScholar Aware provides institutions with additional visibility into emergency calls made through the student-facing ClearScholar mobile application through both a real-time, dispatch center dashboard and officer-facing mobile application. The Aware Dashboard allows the campus security dispatch and field officers to view a photo of the caller, as well as see a precise GPS location on a map of both the caller and on-duty officers. Both of these aspects are designed to decrease incident response times, including assuring that the nearest officer is dispatched to the case by leveraging state-of-the-art mapping technology. The mapping technology provides first responders with a rich visual map including positions of all active emergency cases and real-time positions of all on-duty security personnel. Also, the security personnel app provides the ability to log information about the case, which can later be exported for regulatory needs including the Clery Act.

The Clery Act was signed into law in 1990 and requires institutions to provide an annual security report, keep a log of crimes and crime statistics, and give timely warnings of crimes that represent a threat to the safety of students or employees. The data that is gathered through the ClearScholar Aware platform can greatly assist both these reporting requirements, as well as more broadly provide institutions with a deeper understanding of trends and analytics around security incidents. Additionally, the standard security functionality of the ClearScholar platform can greatly assist institutions with ensuring compliance with the timely warning requirements of this act.

“If a student does not feel safe on campus, it is unrealistic that they are going to be engaged or utilize university resources. Student health and safety is a building block for institutions ultimately achieving strong student engagement,” said Jason Konesco, Chief Executive Officer of ClearScholar. “The Aware Platform shows the promise of reducing call response time as well as adding in enhanced functionality to support campus police and security departments.”

ClearScholar launched its student engagement platform at Butler University in January 2017 with the white-labeled Butler App. The student engagement platform provides institutions the ability to improve upon the sense of belonging, student communication, career readiness, student safety, resource utilization and student health through leveraging a student-facing mobile application. All ongoing ClearScholar implementations will continue to include basic safety functionality, including a one-touch emergency button and the ability to mass alert students of campus emergencies and threats. In a recent survey at Butler University, over 60 percent of student respondents reported feeling safer with the ClearScholar security features. The ClearScholar Aware product will be offered as a standalone option for institutions as well as a component of a broader ClearScholar implementation.

About ClearScholar

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