September 19, 2017

ClearScholar Collaborates with Kelley Business School Students to Provide a Deep Immersive Entrepreneurial Experience

INDIANAPOLIS — September 19, 2017 — ClearScholar, a leading mobile student safety and engagement platform, today announced a project-based collaboration with Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (JCEI) in Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business.  High Alpha, an investor in ClearScholar, has collaborated with JCEI for the past 3 years to provide students with an immersive entrepreneurial experience, named Pre-Flight. Over the course of one week, second-year MBA candidates build out a business model and go-to-market strategy for a software startup concept identified by High Alpha.  Pre-Flight provides the students with a unique entrepreneurial experience.  Unlike a case competition in which students recommend a “go” / “no-go” decision, students are stretched to combine top-down market research with customer insights to inform decision-making, ultimately determining how they would start a business if they had to begin a business in the space identified.

ClearScholar was initially part of Pre-Flight in 2015 before it was launched as a business.  The insights gleaned from that experience helped validate the mobile student engagement value proposition, and ultimately led to the creation and incorporation of ClearScholar in 2016. “ClearScholar had the honor to be invited back to work with a wonderful team of IU Kelley MBA candidates to flesh out a go-to-market strategy for an upcoming release of new features”, said Jason Stele, VP of Product at ClearScholar.  “The team provided us very professional, thorough, and insightful analyses that included the identification of an ideal target market and risk mitigation recommendations.”

The Kelley B-School team was presented the concept on Monday during an hour-long briefing session, worked feverishly throughout the week, and presented their recommendations on Friday to a panel of judges at IU.  According to Dr. Donald F. Kuratko (“Dr. K”) who leads the Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the Kelley School, “this deep immersion experience has a lasting impact on our students because they are applying their knowledge to real projects like ClearScholar. They realize that their recommendations will be taken seriously and immediately applied into the marketplace. It is the ultimate in graduate level educational experiences.”   Stele states, “Given ClearScholar’s commitment to ensuring the student’s voice is reflected in our work, I was quite excited to bring these insightful recommendations back to the team so we could prioritize and execute.”



About ClearScholar

ClearScholar is a student safety and engagement platform that connects students and institutions to build, retain and grow lifelong relationships. ClearScholar delivers a personalized, mobile student experience that includes a mobile student ID and curated events, news and activities that align with their specific interests and needs. Administrators have access to a platform to encourage student engagement and drive student outcomes as well as enhance campus security. Visit or follow @ClearScholar for more information.

About High Alpha

High Alpha is a leading venture studio focused on conceiving, launching and scaling next generation enterprise cloud companies. The High Alpha Studio Portfolio includes Octiv, Lessonly, Visible, Sigstr, ClearScholar, Zylo, Doxly, Structural and Quantifi. For more information: or on Twitter at @highalpha.

About The Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (JCEI)

Headquartered in the Kelley School, JCEI is the central hub at Indiana University-Bloomington for cross-campus entrepreneurial initiatives and the main facilitator of entrepreneurial knowledge through research, teaching, and practical experiences.