January 8, 2018

ClearScholar & Civitas Learning Partner to Extend Mobile Student Engagement Opportunities

INDIANAPOLIS January 8th, 2018 — ClearScholar, a leading mobile student safety and engagement platform, today announced a partnership with Civitas Learning, the Student Success Platform for higher education, to expand the delivery mechanisms for engaging students with a mobile-first solution.

ClearScholar and Civitas Learning recently finalized an industry alliance to deliver a more personalized and mobile-first student experience. ClearScholar was selected as Civitas Learning’s preferred mobile engagement channel after a thorough evaluation of the mobile solution landscape.

“Bridging the divide between the promise of big data (predictive analytics) and the needs of individual students has been an ongoing challenge in higher education,” said ClearScholar VP of Partnerships Josh Williams.  “Through this alliance partnership, we are able to deliver relevant content in a scalable way to the right student at the right time with a communication channel that caters to the mobile-first mindset; thereby, driving students to attend more events, increase their use of existing resources, and foster a deeper connection to campus.”

Through this new alliance, joint clients will be able to marry the attribute-level personalization and scalability of ClearScholar with the precision of Civitas Learning’s Student Success Intelligence Platform. This will further optimize engagement during critical moments of the student journey, including during the new student on-boarding process.

“Civitas is leading the way in assisting colleges and universities with finding the most effective solutions to set students up for success,” said ClearScholar CEO Jason Konesco. “To be part of the Civitas family and provide our solution to more students and campus communities is rewarding for us as we know how important student engagement is for long-term student success.”

To learn more about the partnership, send an email to or read the announcement from Civitas Learning here.

About ClearScholar

ClearScholar is a student safety and engagement platform that connects students and institutions to build, retain and grow lifelong relationships. ClearScholar delivers a personalized, mobile student experience that includes a mobile student ID and curated events, news and activities that align with their specific interests and needs. Administrators have access to a platform to encourage student engagement and drive student outcomes as well as enhance campus security. Visit or follow @ClearScholar for more information.

About Civitas Learning®

Civitas Learning is a student success company delivering the clearest path to improved higher education outcomes. The company’s Student Success Intelligence Platform leverages each institution’s unique data to find and distribute the strongest signals across the student lifecycle. These signals empower students to make the best possible decisions along their academic pathway. Advisors, faculty, and administrators can personalize support, scale meaningful action, and measure impact to dramatically improve student outcomes.

Today, Civitas Learning is a strategic partner to more than 325 colleges and universities, serving nearly 8 million students. Together with our growing community of partners, Civitas Learning is making the most of the world’s learning data to graduate a million more students per year by 2025.