April 14, 2017

ClearScholar Announces Its Commitment to First-Generation Students

INDIANAPOLIS (April 14, 2017) – ClearScholar, a student engagement technology company, has announced that it will provide institutions with mobile application licenses for their first-generation students at no cost. This initiative will apply to first-year students at four-year institutions where there is a full implementation of the ClearScholar platform.

“This is an incredible step for our company to act upon our values. Providing fee waivers to institutions for first-generation students in their first-year crystallizes our vision to make a difference in the world through the power of education. First-generation students have unique challenges, and there is a pressing need for institutions to engage with these students. ClearScholar’s engagement platform helps to establish a sense of belonging to their institution and ultimately improves the success of all students,” said ClearScholar Chief Executive Officer Jason Konesco.

ClearScholar’s product is aimed at encouraging students to become more involved and engaged with their universities. Research shows students that are more engaged in activities and build strong relationships with peers, faculty, and advisors are more likely to graduate on time and have a richer student experience.

ClearScholar fully launched its student engagement platform at Butler University in January of this year and is finalizing its first cohort for its Early Adopter Program participant institutions. Early Adopter Program finalists include a diverse group of institutions including those who primarily serve residential, commuter, non-traditional and virtual students.

“Helping more low-income, first-generation students complete college is critical to meeting Indiana’s 60 percent education attainment goal and the needs of our state’s economy,” said Jason Bearce, Senior Associate Commissioner for the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, who noted that national studies report that up to 90% of these students do not graduate within six years. “We know from experience that students who are highly engaged and feel connected to their campus community are far more likely to be successful.”

About ClearScholar

ClearScholar is a student engagement platform that connects students and institutions to build, retain and grow lifelong relationships. ClearScholar delivers a personalized, mobile student experience that includes a mobile student ID and curated events, news and activities that align with their specific interests and needs. Administrators have access to a platform to encourage student engagement and drive student outcomes. Visit or follow @ClearScholar for more information.

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