March 6, 2017

Butler University Sees Success Leveraging ClearScholar Student Engagement Platform

INDIANAPOLIS — March 6, 2017 —  ClearScholar, a leading mobile student engagement platform, today announces a three-year partnership with Butler University. This partnership follows Butler’s successful pilot program with ClearScholar, The Butler App, launched in August 2016.

“The Butler App has seen utilization and engagement rates that are truly first in class for mobile applications with 74 percent of student users accessing the app more than once per week and greater than 94 percent of student users accessing the app more than once per month,” said ClearScholar Chief Executive Officer Jason Konesco. “We are thrilled to be entering into an extended partnership which provides us the ability to think long term alongside Butler in achieving their student engagement goals and explore expanding the utilization of The Butler App to faculty, prospective students and alumni.”

The Butler App pilot has been well-received by Butler students, with over 70 percent of target students actively utilizing the app. The top student activities within the application include accessing the mobile student ID, engaging with the news feed of curated campus events and news, reviewing their class schedules and accessing dining menus. Additionally, the platform provides campus safety functionality and the ability for administrators to optimize content and messages based on students’ needs and demographics.

ClearScholar’s product is aimed at encouraging students to become more involved and engaged with their universities. Research shows students that are more engaged in activities and build strong relationships with peers, faculty and advisors are more likely to graduate on time and have a richer student experience.

“While we have been a mobile-first university for some time, we now are excited to focus on The Butler App as the defacto mobile solution for various university needs,” said Butler University Chief Information Officer Pete Williams. “The adoption and utilization rates we have seen with The Butler App are outstanding. We have seen more utilization in two months than we saw in two years with our previous mobile app, and now have the means to turn student data into actions that help us better engage with our student body.”   

ClearScholar, which launched out of High Alpha Studio last year, also recently announced a $1.25 million funding round.

About ClearScholar

ClearScholar is a student engagement platform that connects students and institutions to build, retain and grow lifelong relationships. ClearScholar delivers a personalized, mobile student experience that includes a mobile student ID and curated events, news and activities that align with their specific interests and needs. Administrators have access to a platform to encourage student engagement and drive student outcomes. Visit or follow @ClearScholar for more information.


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