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ClearScholar’s student engagement platform connects students and institutions to build, retain, and grow lifelong relationships.

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The State of Student Engagement: 7 Experts Provide Valuable Insights On Student Engagement In Higher Education

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Institutions Struggle to Build Engaging, Lifelong Relationships with Students

Bridge the gap between student engagement and career readiness.

Student Onboarding

Student success starts by engaging and connecting with students on their terms.

Student Retention

Among public institutions, only 64% of freshmen return for their sophomore year.

Degree Completion

Only 59% of undergraduate students at 4-year institutions graduate in 6 years.

Lifelong Relationships

Universities yearn to build lifelong relationships beginning with prospective students through alumni.

Actionable Insight for Institutions

The admin portal provides insight for universities to deepen student engagement and proactively identify and address concerns.

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Student-Driven Experience

ClearScholar was built with a student-centric approach, providing a personalized, engaging experience on any iOS or Android device.

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